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KCEE Newsletter
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Grade-A students are not only born. They can be made!

KCEE Newsletter


At KCEE, one of the most delightful aspects in working relentlessly is the recognition and appreciation we receive from parents and students. We are ascertained our mission and philosophy, that sophistication derives from practices and superb students, could be made. Vivian Hui is one of the role models. Vivian has recently been admitted to over a handful of remarkable university programs with a terrific average score. Finally, she decided to enroll to the Engineering Science at University of Toronto. It is of very interest to share Vivian's appreciation:

"Thank you KCEE for always allowing me to challenge myself so that I can strive for excellence in mathematics. Not only do I feel prepared entering postsecondary education, I am confident that I will also achieve great results because of KCEE. Thanks again."

The other one of our students to be recognized is Jonathan Low. He has been studying with KCEE since elementary grade. Jonathan decided to enroll Biomedical Computing at Queen's University. We are proud to share Jonathan's testimonial: "It has been a LONG time since I first started coming here. I have learned a lot and (KCEE) has helped me to do well in school. Thanks to your teaching I feel prepared for university."

Melissa Li and Angela Li are two other remarkable graduating students. For example, Angela received early admissions to the business programs of a few universities. Angela decided to enroll to the Financial and Accounting Management Coop Program at the University of Waterloo. Angela wrote, "KCEE really helped enhance my knowledge of mathematics. Because of KCEE, it was much easier for me to apply my mathematical skills in and outside of the classroom! Thank you KCEE for all of your years of help!" Undeniably, the superb performance is the combined result of intensive practice, guidance of devoted instructors, and parents' and family's support. More students' and parents' testimonials have been received. We are proudly sharing them on our website. Do not hesitate to visit http://www.kcee.ca/testimonial.html.

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