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Alumni Advice on Effective Studying

KCEE Newsletter


During a gathering, a group of alumni studying in universities shared their experiences in their academic journey. They discussed the methods used to manage their work and to perform well.

First, spend time to understand, but not only memorize, the material. It involves precise questioning and research. Second, know "what" and "how" to study. We can easily get lost in 500 pages textbooks. But if we put emphasis on the key material and apply the key knowledge, we will understand. Last, it is important to study ahead of time! A lot of our alumni find that if they have the understanding of the material in advance, they will be able to think with more in-depth in class.

How great is to feel confident in tackling new challenges when you start a new year in school? Consider the facts above and reorganize the way you work. You may find great results easy to achieve.

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