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Are you prepared for the requirements of university?

KCEE Newsletter


To many teenagers, admission into their preferred university program is a significant academic milestone. Depending on the programs, the admission requirements vary. However, most popular Engineering, Business and Science programs require two or more Grade 12 Math credits and two or more Grade 12 Science credits, as well as the compulsory Grade 12 English.

For instance, Schulich School of Business requires Advanced Functions (MHF4U) and either Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) or Mathematics for Data Management (MDM4U) as a minimum. Engineering in the University of Toronto pays significant attention to grades on basic requirements of Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U), Chemistry (SCH4U), and Physics (SPH4U) with Mathematics of Data Management (MDM4U) as a recommended elective.

Last year, the majority of students admitted to these programs achieved over high 80s on average. High school students benefit from understanding the requirements of admission as early as possible in order to plan ahead. More university admission information can be found from university brochures, some of which are available at the reception of KCEE.

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