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Distinguish by Writing Convincing Arguments

KCEE Newsletter


Mr Ng and one of his English classesEveryone can write, but not everyone can write convincingly. A major component of English Program is about teaching students to organize and express their thoughts clearly and effectively. Through a variety of exercises in reading comprehension, analysis and writing, students learn the vital components of an argument, a clear point of view, examples to make the argument convincing and language to make the argument easily understandable. The point, however, is not for the student to make someone else agree with them, but for the student to make it easy for their way of thinking to be understood.

"My English classes provide students with material to react to. Students are given novels, comics, short stories, films and television episodes. Then, the students are asked to explain how they reacted to the stories and why they responded the way they did. Self-expression should be a delight, not a burden. I try to keep the demands of my class relaxed. Writing requires thought and consideration and does not benefit from rushing to completion. I give my students material that is entertaining and pleasure to read. Students get the most benefit in class as I do my best to keep the majority of the work in-class. Reading and short assignments for homework will further enhance the learning. The goal here is to help students be more capable in explaining themselves to the people around them - writing convincingly to achieve their results," said Mr Ibrahim Ng.

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