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KCEE Newsletter
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Testimonials of Student Achievements

KCEE Newsletter


100% of our grade 12 students received admission offers to the top ranked university programs with strong academic performance. Most of them received early admission offers and scholarships. This year, the popular programs of choice appear to be the Engineering, Medical Sciences and Life Sciences Program at University of Waterloo and McMaster University, Commerce and Health Studies Program at University of Toronto. All of these programs require A-grade in the courses of Math, Science and Languages.

"I have been at KCEE for 9 years. I would like to thank Mr. Chow, Mrs. Chow and Ms. Chow for their teaching and guidance. KCEE has been an integral part of my academic success and has allowed me to differentiate myself through math contests and Advanced Placement courses. Thanks to the knowledge and work ethic that has been instilled in me, KCEE will continue to assist me past graduation as I move on to university."
Ameer D. - Mathematics Chartered Accountancy, University of Waterloo

"KCEE has helped me since Grade 7 in various mathematical aspects as well as important life lessons for the future. I have learned what is right and what is wrong and what to do in the future when there are complicated issues involved. I learned to survive in the working environment and what to expect from it. Thank you Mr. Chow for teaching me what to do in the future, as well as the math I need to know in order to get there!"
Joel C. - Earth & Environmental Science, McMaster University

"KCEE has assisted in developing my critical thinking and problem solving skills. For the 5 years I have spent here I have learned to be efficient in mental math and the various formulas that are invaluable to solving problems. Thank you to all the staff for making my high school math classes understandable and for all the extra practice."
Elaine H. - Languages & Literature, Wilfred Laurier University

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and personally thank everyone at KCEE. I especially want to thank Mr. Chow for all of his positive encouragement and support for a successful high school year!"
Rodney C. - Commerce, University of Toronto

"I faced a very frustrating problem throughout my years in school- I was an A+ student in virtually all my classes yet, for some reason, I could never replicate the same success in calculus. Coincidentally, calculus was a requirement for most universities´ business programs which I wanted to apply for. Soon I realized that if I did not seek out assistance, I would never be able to reach the goals I set for myself.

Fortunately, it was at the same time that I was recommended to KCEE. Since attending very first class, I haven´t looked back. Under Mr. Chow´s tutelage in MCV4U, I was able to fulfill my potential and start performing to the level I knew I was capable of. Had it not been for his exceptional teaching ability and unlimited patience, I would not be where I currently am. KCEE has offered me a medium of clarification, so that I could understand concepts I would otherwise be unable to grasp in my fast paced day school classes. I was also introduced to new topics before we began them in day school, thus allowing me to be ´ahead of the pack´ - so to speak. As a result, my quiz and test results became significantly better and my overall average increased exponentially. I did not have to worry about difficult concepts or poor teachers anymore!

Had it not been for Mr. Chow´s guidance, I doubt that I would have been offered admission into Wilfred Laurier University´s prestigious BBA program. The consistent professionalism displayed by KCEE has been exceptional, and it has been a pleasure to attend their classes!"
Sohail S. - Business Administration, Wilfred Laurier University

It´s not magic! It is relentless effort and proven programs that serve as catalysts to produce A-grade students! For more testimonials of student achievements, visit our office or our webpage at http://www.kcee.ca/testimonial.html.

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